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We utilise the latest plumbing technologies and methods to efficiently repair and find blockages, permanently eliminating the issue.

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We can treat all types of drain blockages such as showers, clogged toilets, sink drains, stormwater and sewer drains.

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We are driven on providing our customers with the peace of mind knowing they can call us any time 24/7 to attend an emergency.

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Inspired Plumbing is a family-owned plumbing business based in Sydney. We service locally in the Sydney region area and specialise in unblocking drains.

The most common types of blocked drains are the ones that lead to the sewer, the pipes that lead from your bathroom and kitchen and also the pipes that lead to the street. Unblocking drains can require investigation to ensure that you don’t damage any of the plumbing or piping.

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with Inspired Plumbing

If you hire us to unblock your drains, we provide flat-rate pricing. We will investigate the issue and then provide you with a total cost inclusive of GST to complete the work. We make sure we do it right the first time around and guarantee all our repairs.

Prevention is always best 

Call us today to request a yearly clean of your drains. We can complete a clean of your drains by removing any of the dead leaves, moss, or general debris that can build up inside of your drain.

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all drain repair and plumbing needs
Blocked Drains

Our family operated plumbing service has been unblocking drains since 2006 and we can service any type of blocked drain including: Toilets, showers, bathroom and kitchen sinks, sewers, tree roots and non-invasive CCTV drain inspections.
Blocked Sink

Sinks can often become clogged with build up such as hair, soap and grease and no longer drain properly. Our state of the art equipment is designed to remove even the most stubborn blockages to get your drains functioning like brand new again.
Blocked Toilet

Got a blocked toilet? Blocked toilets are a huge inconvenience, but simple to unclog. With over a decade of experience unblocking toilets, our expert plumbers at Inspired Plumbing can easily efficiently and inexpensively unclog any toilet.

24hr Emergency Plumber

We understand that plumbing emergencies can happen at any time. Our company is driven on providing our customers with the peace of mind knowing they can call us any time 24/7 to attend an emergency. We are always equipped and well prepared for any emergency plumbing issue.
Leaking Taps

If a leaking tap is giving you trouble or if your water meter has gone up and you’re unsure if there might be a leak, our experienced plumbers can detect and resolve any leaks. Leaks can worsen and add up over time, wasting water and causing hefty water bills. Don't hesitate to get your leak fixed now.
Hot Water System

We are highly experienced and knowledgeable in Hot Water Systems and offer cost effective installation, repair, servicing and replacement. We know how important having hot water is so we make it a priority to get your hot water running again with minimal downtime.
Toilet Repairs

Toilets are one of the most important and frequently used facilities in the home and office. Whether your toilet has malfunctioned or broken down, we are well equipped to perform repairs on any make and model of toilet and can fix all types of issues.
Burst & Leaking Pipes

Inspired Plumbing uses the latest technology to locate leaks in pipes. Leaking pipes are silent and if not located or resolved, they can cause damage to the whole plumbing system, the building structure and even flood your home.
Gas Fitting

We provide a large range of gas services such as installations, safety inspections, finding faults and risks, leaks and repairs. We service all types of domestic gas appliances such as heaters, kitchen cook tops, barbecues and hot water systems.
Water Filters

Get cool, clean and healthy water right out of your kitchen sink. Filtered water is free from bacteria, rust and harmful chemicals like chlorine, lead and mercury. We supply and install our own certified, advanced water filtration systems with high quality, durable filters.


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