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Looking For A Hot Water System Install? Look No Further

There’s nothing like the bliss of a hot shower on a cold day. Choosing a good hot water system means ensuring the hot water continues to flow without limiting your use and racking up high utility bills.

Choosing the right heater system will depend on how big your household is, usage, and what devices or fixtures require hot water. You have a variety of options to choose from - from electric to gas, with tank and without - depending on your home set-up and budget.

We have 15 years of experience assisting homeowners in Sydney choose the best water heater system and get it installed properly and safely.

For a reliable and efficient hot water system that you and your family can rely on, every day, contact us today. We are available 24/7, offer transparent, flat-rate pricing, and guarantee our services, so you know the job will get done right the first time.

Work with our team and you’ll receive timely and respectful service - we always remove our shoes at the door and clean up after a job. Contact us for more.

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Your Options For A New Hot Water System Install

You have several options when choosing your hot water heater system. Gas water heater, electric water heater, and instantaneous or tankless hot water systems. Some of the leading brands are Bosch, Rinnai, Vulcan, and Dux. If you’re considering a solution with a tank, it’s important to think about how much water your household uses and how much space you have inside or outside. Water tanks come in a variety of sizes, from 80L to 315L. With an instantaneous system, you’ll need to estimate the flow rate for each of the fixtures using hot water in your home, such as the washing machine, tub, and kitchen sink.

We understand this can feel overwhelming, but it’s important to choose the correct size for your household and get it installed by a professional. Combine extremely hot water and pressure with improper installation or a defective temperature and pressure relief valve (TPR), and you risk having your hot water system exploding. Our licensed plumbers have 15 years of experience helping Sydney Inner West homeowners with installing efficient and reliable hot water systems.

The Importance Of Maintaining Your Hot Water System

Every time you take a warm shower, run a load of laundry, or scrub a greasy pan, you’re relying on your hot water system to do its job. To ensure your system continues to work for you, it’s important to maintain and care for it. Without maintenance, your water heater can get calcium build-up which reduces heating efficiency. If the temperature and pressure aren’t properly adjusted, you could get a leaking pressure relief valve which means there’s too much heat or pressure inside the water tank. This could even lead to an explosion if not immediately addressed by a professional.

For routine maintenance or repairs, our licensed plumbers are available to help 24/7 in the Sydney Inner West region.

Hot Water Specialists

We work with Australia's most trusted brands in hot water. Not only that, but we have more than15 years of experience with installing both electric and gas hot water systems.

Hot Water Installation

Do you need to upgrade or replace your hot water system? We can give you professional advice on the best choice for your needs depending on your home's demand for hot water.

We will talk you through your options regarding the type (electric, solar or gas), whether you would prefer a tank setup, or instantaneous (also known as continuous flow) and the brand that best fits your needs.


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Your Hot Water Questions Answered By A Licensed Plumber

How Does An Instantaneous Hot Water Heater Make Hot Water?

A tankless water heater system heats the water as needed.

Cold water flows through a pipe into the unit where it’s heated with a gas burner or electric heating coils.

When you open up your hot tap in the bath, a flow sensor detects the water flow, measures the flow rate, and takes into account the temperature settings.

Finally, combustion gases safely exit.

What Are The Advantages Of A Tankless Water Heater?

A tankless water heater only turns on to provide you with hot water when you need it. It helps conserve energy since there’s no storage of hot water which requires heating and reheating. This energy-saving could mean saving money on your utility bills. A tankless water heater is about the size of a suitcase, so it takes up a lot less space and can be mounted on a wall to be out of the way. While the cost for a tankless water heater may be higher upfront compared to a tank system, you’re likely to spend less on maintenance and repairs over its lifetime.

Does A Tankless Water Heater Really Deliver Endless Hot Water?

This depends on your household’s demand for hot water and the size and type of tankless (also known as instantaneous hot water heater) that you installed.

A tankless unit heats the water as it’s demanded by a connected fixture such as a dishwasher or a shower.

As long as the flow rate doesn’t exceed the heating capacity, you could have an endless supply of hot water. It’s common for large households to have more than one tankless water heater installed to make sure there’s always enough hot water for warm showers, the dishwasher, and laundry.

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    Can You Do Your Own Hot Water System Install?

    When you’re working with high pressure, hot water, and flammable fuels, the risks for accidents are high if you’re not a plumbing professional. Your water heater is an explosion risk, and installations should only be done by licensed professionals. A big part of installing a water heater is to set up the ventilation process. Without proper ventilation, the heater could have carbon monoxide build-up and expose your household to a deadly toxin. Finally, it’s important to have selected the proper hot water heater for your home, so you can confidently provide hot showers for everyone at home and complete daily chores at the same time.

    Our licensed plumbers are available 24/7 to provide friendly advice on choosing the best water heater system and complete safe and professional installations.

    Choose A Licensed Professional

    Issues with not having enough hot water are frustrating. You may want to try to fix things yourself or get a whole new water heater system. But first, consider the risks of working with extremely hot water temperatures, pressure valves, and gas lines.

    If you’re not an experienced and licensed plumber, you risk having a dangerous accident, even an explosion, and hurting yourself and your home property.

    Let our licensed plumbing professionals handle your water heater issues. We have 15 years of experience serving homeowners in Sydney’s Inner West area and are available 24/7.

    We get the job done right, at a transparent flat-rate price, and can guarantee our services. Choose the best water heater system for your home and stay safe by letting our licensed professionals handle repairs and installations.

    Customer google reviews

    Customer google reviews

    Fantastic service
    Vinay Ram
    Vinay Ram
    I would highly recommend Volkan and his team at Inspired Plumbing. Volkan personally is an absolute gentleman and is well-drilled in his stuff. They did a pipe relining at my place; went really smoothly and professionally. The end result was exactly what I expected. Everything was explained properly in advance at a competitive fixed cost. No nasty surprises on the day. I will use Volkan and his team again for any other plumbing needs. AAA+++
    Jane Chen
    Jane Chen
    Excellent service - staff who helped install a new hot water heater were professional and friendly and price is fair.
    Beyond32 Dental
    Beyond32 Dental
    We needed someone ASAP. Xavier & his team were on it. Professional, prompt & reliable service. Highly recommend this company.
    simon davis
    simon davis
    On time and fair price. Fixed an issue that another company had done some dodgy work on a year ago.
    Claire E
    Claire E
    Xavier and his team have done work for us on several occasions. They are hard working, competitively priced and great communicators. They have resolved all our plumbing issues without fuss, we highly recommend them.
    Bic P
    Bic P
    Emailed the team at 5am after walking into a wet kitchen. Hot Water system had finally died and leaking. By 7am, I’d received a text, by 10am Volkan was here explaining what needed to be done and by 12pm , new system installed. Volkan was friendly, professional and checked with me if anything needed my input.
    Courtney Felton
    Courtney Felton
    Volcan was very professional and very friendly will definitely be using him and this company again in the future highly recommend
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