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Got A Plumbing Emergency? Need An After Hours Plumber Urgently?

We’re Available 24/7, Whenever You Need Us, like an emergency plumber Sydney should be!

It seems as though plumbing emergencies never occur during ordinary working hours for either clients or plumbers. They always happen either after hours or during weekends - in other words: at the worst of times!

That’s why we have an emergency plumber available 24/7. You don’t need the worry and inconvenience of a plumbing problem until regular business hours. That is unless your emergency actually does happen during a regular workday!

But don’t worry, contact us now and a professional will be at your door ready to help before you know it.

We’ll be there, no matter when your problem happens! Reach out to us for any emergency plumbing services SYdney wide.
Consider not having hot water for your daily shower, having to catch water from a leaking pipe with buckets, or having to use a neighbour's toilet repeatedly, or worse, indefinitely. Even minor issues, such as a clogged drain or a dripping faucet, can drive you insane! It's safe to say that whatever your plumbing issue is, you want it fixed right away.

When you call us, we'll send one of our highly trained and knowledgeable plumbers to your location. Except in exceptional circumstances, your plumbing problem will be handled thoroughly and completely. There will be no more visits unless you have another plumbing emergency.

We're based in Sydney's Inner West and serve all of the surrounding communities. So, if you reside anywhere in Sydney, stay calm and know that one of our plumbers will be there in no time, equipped with all of the tools needed to handle the situation you mentioned. Call our licenced plumber for emergency Sydney wide on 02 9158 3565.
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Contact us by calling, emailing, using the chat feature on the website, or filling in a form online. A member of our friendly team will advise on your situation, and book a time to suit you.
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Friendly, Respectful, COVID-Safe Service
Your local plumber will call you when they are 30 minutes away, and arrive on time. All of our team wear protective equipment, and will observe COVID safe practises.
Lifetime Guarantee
Lifetime Guaranteed Work To Suit Your Budget
Your plumber will inspect the problem, and provide an up front quote, with different options to suit your budget. They will also carry out a safety inspection of your home, free of charge.

If You Suspect A Natural Gas Leak In Your Home

If you have a gas leak, you must act fast! If there is a leak inside your property, call us, and we will treat it like the emergency plumber – our emergency plumbers are available 24/7 and will arrive ASAP, isolate the leak, and repair it.

But how can you tell if you have a leaking gas pipe or outlet? There’s a unique and familiar odour associated with natural gas. People describe it as being like sulphur or rotten eggs. If you smell this in your home, call us, and remove yourself from the area where you smell the leak. Most importantly, do not allow anything that could cause a spark into the area, as this could cause an explosion or fire.

If there’s been a gas leak over time, you or someone else might be experiencing one or more of the following symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning (symptoms listed from earlier to more advanced):
Dull headache
Nausea or vomiting
Shortness of breath
Blurred vision
Loss of consciousness
If you have one or more of these symptoms, especially if you’ve also smelled gas recently, get others out of the house, and seek medical attention right away.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

You Have A Pipe That Is Leaking Or Has Burst
If a pipe bursts, before calling an after hours plumber, make sure you immediately move anything of value in the water’s path to a higher floor, garage, or out into the garden. If it’s minor, locate the leak and wrap it with rags or duct tape. Place a bucket underneath. Then call us.
Your Kitchen Sink Drain Is Backed Up
You’ve probably already tried using a plunger or auger to pull out the clog. So, it’s time to call our after hours plumber service. While you wait for us, please resist the urge to use a corrosive drain opener, as they are toxic and can actually make the problem worse. Hang in there and we’ll be there soon!
Your Water Heater Only Puts Out Cold Water
This is a classic ‘call-a-plumber’ job – you don’t want to take this one on yourself. There are some DIY things you can do with your water heater as routine maintenance.

However, getting too involved with this appliance can expose you to natural gas or electricity - either of which can be deadly. Not to mention the risk of an exploding hot water heater. It’s not worth it, simply call us and a licensed and experience plumber will be there before you know it!
How Do I Prevent Drain Blockage?
Most often, drains are blocked because of a build-up of hair or other items that aren’t appropriate to flush down.

Get in the habit of removing hair from your bath or shower drains. And, pay attention to what you flush down the toilet.

Food, sanitary wipes, cat litter, and more hair should be disposed of in a bin, to avoid drain blockage.
There’s No Water In Your Home
A no-water situation probably could be caused by the municipal water line to your home (or your well, if you have one). Call us as we might already know of any water outages in your area. If we don’t know of one, we’ll call Sydney water whilst we’re on the way. You can rest easy knowing as soon as you’ve put the phone down, we’re sending an emergency plumber to help you.
Your Toilet Is Blocked And Starting To Overflow
Try to pull out the clog with a plunger. If this doesn’t work, though, call us. You probably need a professional to deal with this messy business. We’re familiar with the hidden places where toilet clogs build, and we’ve got the equipment to have it cleared in a jiffy.
You Have A Leaky Water Heater
If your water heater has a leaky valve, you could be wasting a lot of money on water heating when all that’s needed is a replacement valve. If corrosion has damaged the water heater wall, though, it might be time for a replacement. A leak can cause property damage, so, as soon as you notice it, call us, your emergency plumber, ASAP. We’ll fix the problem, whatever it takes!
What Do I Do If My Hot Water Heater System Is Leaking?
This may seem like a small nuisance but it could be a sign of a big problem with your water heater. First, turn off the power and water supply.

Consider turning off your home’s main shut-off valve. Call a local licensed plumber to help you identify the leak and offer a solution. Our local team of professional plumbers is available 24/7 to help you with any plumbing concern.

It’s important not to put off addressing a leaky heater system as a small issue that could’ve been patched up could turn into a situation where you’ll have to replace your entire water heater.
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Andrew had great service. Was quick to find the problem with the toilet and fix it on a timely manner. Would recommend to others.
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    "Showed up on time, diagnosed the issue, resolved it and future proofed the problem area, all in less than an hour! The plumber was courteous, explained the problem and solution clearly, and made sure I was satisfied with his work before leaving. A good experience all around!"

When We Say We’re Available 24/7, We Mean It

Did we forget to mention that having an emergency plumber available 24/7 includes not only nights and weekends but also holidays?

Yes, that’s right. Kitchen sink blockages are a common problem during major holidays, especially when people throw too much food waste down the drain.

Other things can go wrong too, such as loss of hot water - or any water. What could put an end to holiday celebrations faster than this?

Give us a call, and our emergency plumbing team will be out to take care of the problem before anyone has time to become disappointed or grouchy about it.
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