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Gas Heaters

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Gas Heater Installations Sydney

With winter providing some chilly Sydney nights, a gas heater will definitely come in handy to keep your home cosy and warm. Gas heaters are known to be more efficient, economical and cost-saving as opposed to an electric heater. They are also known to provide a comfortable temperature more quickly.

Here at Inspired Plumbing, our licensed technicians are experts in gas installations, maintenance and repairs. Our experts know all the ins and outs of gas heaters, proven with over 15 years of experience in the field.

There are different types of gas heater options when it comes to choosing your indoor gas heater including your budget, the style you’re after and the gas available in your home.

There are also many brands to choose from which include Rinnai, Legend, Everdure, Jetmaster, Vulcan, Pyrox, Real Flame, Omega Altise, Bromic and more. Our technicians at Inspired Plumbing have an abundance of experience working with all different kinds of gas heaters and are experts in gas heater installation, repairs and maintenance.

Whether you require a gas fireplace installation or a portable gas heater installation, our team of professional gas fitters are the team for you. It’s important to have a licensed gas fitter install your new gas heater to ensure it is safe and compliant. We are Sydney’s most trusted and affordable gas heater fitters. There is no job too big or too small for the Inspired Plumbing team. If you’re after a same-day emergency service, give our friendly team a call on 02 9190 6765 and a technician will be out to you immediately!

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Advantages of Gas Heaters

  • A gas heater provides instant heat creating a nice flow in your home immediately.
  • A gas heater doesn’t leave behind any smell, ash or smoke.
  • A gas heater saves you electricity proving to be more cost-efficient than other heating solutions. It means keeping your home nice and warm is a lot more affordable.
  • No matter what’s happening with the weather outside, a gas heater will always be unaffected.
  • A gas heater produces fewer carbon emissions meaning it’s more environmentally friendly than another heating option. They also generally have a higher efficiency star rating.

Flued Gas Heater vs Unflued Gas Heater

If you’re looking at installing a gas heater in your home and are unsure whether you should choose between a flued gas heater and an unflued gas heater; here’s something that will help!

A flued gas heater is fitted into a specific place and can’t be moved from room to room. This heater has a vent that removes any pollutants and moisture from the air reducing mould and mildew. This type of heater does not require any extra ventilation. Efficiency is a little less than a portable gas heater due to the heat going through the vent and may be more costly due to the need for the vent and gas infrastructure.

A unflued gas heater is in simpler terms – a portable gas heater. You are able to move this heater between rooms with a bayonet. As there is no vent, this heater does not remove any pollutants or moisture from the air which increases the air pollution in your home. A portable gas heater is very efficient in comparison to a flued gas heater however it requires a room that is properly ventilated and can’t be used in small spaces.

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The Questions About Gas Heaters Sydney Asks Most

We have all your gas heater questions answered! If you have any other questions, our gas heater fitters are ready to answer them - give us a buzz today!
How often do I need to service my gas heater?

It is important to continually service your gas heater yearly. This is to ensure the safety of your home and family. A gas heater service includes inspection, testing, repairs and maintenance. A very important part of gas heater service is checking for any carbon monoxide leaks. This is a lethal and poisonous gas that has many potential health and safety hazards that you really want to avoid.

Are gas heaters more efficient than electric heaters?

The answer is yes! Gas heaters are more efficient than electric heaters. Gas heaters heat up a room much more quickly and resourcefully. Gas is also more cost-effective and will work out cheaper for you in the long term.


If you upgrade your gas heater, we’ll take $100 off the bill
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Save $50 on any service with us. It's that simple! Just call or book online
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    Gas Heater Maintenance

    As the temperature cools down and your gas heater is going to be used more regularly, it’s important to call in a professional plumber for gas heater maintenance. This is to ensure the gas heater does not pose as a safety risk to yourself, your family and your home. During your gas heater service, it is very important to check for any carbon monoxide leaks which are a lethal, poisonous gas that can lead to health problems. Servicing your gas heater yearly will ensure that it’s running both safely and efficiently throughout the year. Here are some crucial signs that your gas heater requires a service:

    • Pilot light goes out frequently or makes popping or banging sounds when lighting.
    • Signs of heat damage on or around the heater.
    • Soot stains around the heater.
    • The walls surrounding the heater are very hot when touched.
    • The flame is yellow, red or brown in colour.

    During your gas heater maintenance, our team of experts ensure that your gas heater cleaning is also conducted which includes cleaning all filters.

    Gas Heater Repairs

    If you already have a gas heater installed in your home however it’s not working as it should or to its best capability, it’s time to look at gas heater repairs. Here at Inspired Plumbing, we are experts in all things gas heater repairs. With our repairs, we ensure each and every component of your gas heater is inspected, tested, repaired and cleaned.

    At Inspired Plumbing, we know how chilly Sydney nights can get so we offer same-day gas heater repairs for your convenience. We have all the tools, experience and knowledge to repair your gas heater on the spot. Our affordable gas heater repair service avoids replacing your gas heater completely and spending a lot more than anticipated.

    Inspired Plumbing is your professional, reliable and friendly gas heater fitters with an abundance of experience in gas heater installations, repairs, service and maintenance. Give our friendly team a call today on 02 9190 6765 for a free no-obligation quote. We are Sydney’s trusted gas heater team.

    At Inspired Plumbing, when we say our gas plumbers are certified, we mean it - and can prove it!

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