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Need Hot Water System Repair? We're The Trusted Choice

Have you gotten stuck with no hot water? Going without a warm shower in the morning is harsh and unnecessary in this day and age. While a cold shower at least gets you clean, it’s pretty uncomfortable and makes you wish you had a spare hot water heater!

We have something almost as good as a spare water heater to offer you: our services. In fact, we work with several different kinds of hot water systems at Inspired Plumbing, plus our highly skilled plumbers are ready to install, inspect, repair, and eventually replace yours.

Water heaters don’t last forever. They’re subject to metal corrosion, mineral deposits (limescale), or just plain age. Also, water heaters are bound to need replacing at some point. The average lifespan of a water heater is about 10-15 years. Until then, though, they need routine maintenance and occasional repairs.

When it’s time to decide whether to repair or replace, you’ll see that the variety of hot water systems is extraordinary -- even compared to just a few years ago. There are traditional tank water heaters, which come in either gas or electric models and remain the most popular choice.

When it comes to hot water plumbing, we service most systems.

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The Risk Of Your Hot Water Being Too Hot

You might remember some stories about restaurants being held accountable when customers were scalded by hot coffee or tea. That risk is real -- as is the risk of being scalded by your hot water at home if you don’t take certain precautions.

Even though it’s possible to set your water heater to a very high level of heat, be careful! You might forget how high you set it when you have the shower running and are ready to step in. You can also accidentally set the shower itself too high out of worry that it won’t get hot enough. To avoid accidental scalding, be sure the thermostat is set at about 49℃. This will also lower your energy bill.

Hot Water Specialists

We work with all trusted hot water brands, and have over 15 years of experience in repairs, maintenance, and installation of both electric and gas hot water systems.

Hot Water Repairs

Whether your system is a conventional gas or electric tank heater, or a continuous flow system, we're the trusted choice for hot water repairs. We can fix any brand of hot water heater as licensed hot water specialists


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How To Prevent And Diagnose A Hot Water System Repair

What’s Wrong? We Have No Hot Water

You wake up, turn on the shower and step in. Ahhh! What’s this? There’s no hot water!! You turn the dial more towards the hot setting and still no heat. Your day is now off to the worst start possible. And it’s obviously time to call us. But what could be causing the hot water problems?

Here’s what we’ll do when we arrive to find out. If you have a traditional gas-fuelled tank water heater, we will:

  • Ask how long ago you tried to get hot water, and then we’ll check it again. Sometimes, demand in the household can cause hot water to run out, especially if it’s a smaller tank or has sediment build-up.
  • Check the water supply for a continuous flow.
  • Check the gas supply to see if it’s igniting and the burner can heat the water.
  • Look for a broken thermocouple, which might need to be replaced.
  • See if there’s a water leak -- maybe even a gas leak -- and proceed accordingly.
  • Check the age of the water heater. If it’s approaching 15 years old, it might be time for a replacement.

If all else fails and your hot water plumbing problem isn’t caused by one of the “usual suspects,” we’ll dig deeper using our plumbing expertise and come up with a solution to the problem.

Care And Maintenance Of Your Hot Water System

If your hot water is a strange colour, it looks like it might be time to flush out your tank. When hot water is discoloured, it’s most often due to an accumulation of sediment in the hot water tank. There are lots of instructions online for how to flush the tank as a DIY project, and we’d be happy to take care of this task for you as well.

In fact, regular flushing of your hot water system (at least annually) is an integral part of routine maintenance. You should also maintain two feet of clearance around your unit and test the temperature-pressure relief valve annually by quickly discharging it two or three times.

It’s also important to check the sacrificial anode rode about every three years. This is a steel- core wire surrounded by aluminium, magnesium, or zinc. Its purpose is to protect the unit from rust. You should replace this inexpensive component if:

  • More than 15cm of the core steel wire is exposed.
  • The rod is less than 1.27cm thick.
  • The rod is coated with calcium deposits (limescale).

Finally, if you have an older unit, you should cover it with an insulated fiberglass jacket and insulate the hot and cold-water pipes.

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Get a complimentary garden tap on any job booked online!
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    The Future Of Hot Water Heating

    Today, most homes still have tank-based hot water systems that use either natural gas or electricity as fuel.

    Things are changing, though, as more energy-efficient systems and new, renewable energy sources come along to replace or augment traditional electric water heaters and gas water heaters.

    There are also instant hot water heaters (which are tankless), heat pumps (also known as hybrid water heaters), solar-powered water heaters, and condensing water heaters.

    Both solar and geothermal energy stand to replace -- or at least supplement -- today’s predominant heating fuels. More water-heating units are also tankless, with hot water available on an as-needed basis.

    Don't Risk Getting In Hot Water With A Dodgy Plumber, Call The Hot Water System Repair Experts

    For us, getting into hot water is a good thing, though. It’s part of our job, after all - and we love it! Making sure our customers are comfortable with their home water-supply systems is our main goal. There’s never a need to have no hot water when you work with our hot water plumbers!

    So let us, the 24/7 plumbers at Inspired Plumbing, know right away if you experience a chilly shower. Better yet, let us help you maintain your hot water system on a routine basis so that you never have to go through such an unpleasant experience at all.

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