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Looking for plumbing services in Croydon? Look no further, Inspired plumbing is your local plumber Croydon and are available 24/7 for any plumbing related services.
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Tap Replacement

Plumber Croydon

Inspired Plumbing is your local plumber Croydon, open 24/7 for emergency plumbing services.

Hot Water Replacement

Remove your old hot water unit

We’ll remove your old hot water unit for free when you install a new one!
Pipes Cleared

Pipes Cleared

Got a clogged pipe or drain? No worries we've got you covered. We'll clear your blocked pipe or drain from $79*

Local Plumber Croydon

Look no farther if you're looking for your local plumber in Croydon. With over 15 years of plumbing experience, Inspired Plumbing is your neighbourhood licenced professional. We are a family-run company that is happy to offer a trustworthy plumbing service throughout Croydon and the Inner West. There is no task too big or too small for the Inspired Plumbing team, from blocked drains, leaking taps, and blocked toilets to hot water systems, pipe relining, and gas fittings.

Plumber Croydon

Plumbing problems can be resolved in any house, place of business, or public space by the skilled team of plumbers at Inspired Plumbing in Croydon. So, if the clogged drains in your office building have shut off the electricity, we will be there to fix the problem. Due to the fact that we tailor our commercial plumbing services and gasfitting solutions for each project based on the specific requirements, the local plumber Croydon team at Inspired Plumbing has years of expertise dealing with businesses and real estate. As a result, in addition to our domestic plumbing services, we also provide corporate and commercial plumbing services.

No matter how properly you keep your house or place of business, plumbing issues will still arise. Unfortunately, anyone can experience it, therefore it's essential to find and fix the issue as soon as you can to prevent more harm to your Croydon property. We provide affordable plumbing services across the Inner West which includes suburbs like Annandale, Burwood, Ashbury, Balmain, Abbotsford and more. We are your local plumber Croydon.

Our licenced plumber Croydon team always provide transparent and obvious pricing , so there are no unpleasant surprises when it comes time to pay the bill. Our set prices are reasonable and fair. We promise to provide the best plumbing expertise we are capable of to each and every one of our Croydon clients. We enjoy what we do very much and make sure that every project is completed to the highest standards.



Croydon Plumbing Experts

Inspired Plumbing is a family-owned plumbing business based in Sydney. We service locally in the Sydney region area and specialise in unblocking drains.
Blocked Drains
Blocked drains
Our family operated plumbing service has been unblocking drains since 2006 and we can service any type of blocked drain including: Toilets, showers, bathroom and kitchen sinks, sewers, tree roots and non-invasive CCTV drain inspections.

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Leaking Taps
Leaking Taps
If a leaking tap is giving you trouble or if your water meter has gone up and you’re unsure if there might be a leak, our experienced plumbers can detect and resolve any leaks. Leaks can worsen and add up over time, wasting water and causing hefty water bills. Don't hesitate to get your leak fixed now.
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Hot Water Systems
Hot water systems
We are highly experienced and knowledgeable in Hot Water Systems and offer cost effective installation, repair, servicing and replacement. We know how important having hot water is so we make it a priority to get your hot water running again with minimal downtime.

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Pipe Relining
Pipe relining
Do not dig up your driveway or yard. Implement the most recent pipe relining solutions. We offer NO DIG or Destruction solutions for a variety of issues, including clogged drains, collapsed and broken pipes, clogged sewers, tree root-damaged pipes, storm water pipelines, and more.
Drain Camera Inspections
Drain camera inspections
We clear the pipe with high pressure jetting equipment after performing CCTV Drain camera inspections with our cutting-edge technology to find the obstruction or damaged pipe.
Gas Fittings
Gas fitting
A gas fitter is a certified professional who can install gas meters as well as install, maintain and repair gas appliances.At Inspired Plumbing, our plumbers are licensed gas fitters, so they provide both plumbing and gas-fitting services.
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Blocked Sinks
Blocked sinks
You should always do your best to prevent leaks and bursts, since a leaking or burst pipe can seriously damage your home and possessions. But as we know all too well, if the most perfectly maintained homes can still have problems – that’s where our plumbers come in!
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Blocked Toilets
Blocked toilets
If you have a continually running toilet or it leaks from your toilet, you probably need a plumber to figure out what’s going on and address it. If the tank isn’t filling after a flush or not filling completely, that could indicate another problem
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Croydon Plumber

We do it all! There's no job too big or too small for our Croydon plumbers. Give our friendly licensed plumbing team a call today on 02 9158 3565 for a free quote!


Blocked Drains Croydon

Drains on your Croydon property could clog up. Any drain, including a clogged toilet, shower, bathroom drain, sink, and stormwater drain, may be unclogged by our team of plumbers in Croydon. Our skilled plumbers pinpoint all problem areas and identify the root of the problem using CCTV drain cameras. High-pressure jet blasting is another service we offer to thoroughly flush and clean your drains. Plumber Croydon team is here to fix your blocked drain issues.

Leaking Tap Croydon

Your tap is dripping; are you looking for quick and affordable leaky tap repairs in Croydon? When it comes to maintaining and fixing broken taps, our plumber Croydon team members are quite skilled. All people are aware of the problems that a leaky faucet could create. Our plumbers have everything they need to rapidly fix your dripping tap in their Inspired Plumbing cars. Knowing someone experienced and dependable is taking care of your leaky tap will allow you to relax.

Hot Water System Croydon

The plumbers at Inspired Plumbing can maintain and repair any hot water system. Any structure or establishment needs a dependable, effective hot water system. We are certified master plumbers and gas fitters, so you can be sure the work will be done to a high standard. Our firm services gas, electric, and instant hot water heaters from all major producers, including Bosch, Dux, Rheem, Rinnai, Quantum, and Vulcan.

Your hot water system will be maintained and repaired by the Inspired Plumbing team, but if inspections show that a new system is required, we will also recommend one and provide you an estimate.

Blocked Toilet Croydon

A blocked toilet in your Croydon home can cause so many inconveniences and is also pretty unpleasant!  We will detect the root of what is actually clogging your toilet and clear it on the spot. Our affordable service ensures your toilet is unblocked efficiently and save you money with our inexpensive prices! Our team of licensed plumbers at Inspired Plumbing have over 15 years of experience unblocking toilets.

An inefficient shower increases utility costs in addition to wasting water and making a loud drip noise. Even while it can at first appear to be a minor issue, it could later cause structural issues and mould. Showerhead leaks can occur for a number of reasons, such as:

  • Accumulation of filth, dirt, or lime scale
  • Faulty O-rings
  • Faulty washers
  • Faulty internal seals
  • Faulty fittings

Take the following steps to stop the shower from dripping:

• Before unscrewing the showerhead, turn the screw in the opposite direction to switch off the water supply. You can shut off the main water supply if you are unable to locate the shut-off valve.

• Inspect the region for any mineral or dirt buildup. To soften the mineral and dirt deposits, soak the shower head in vinegar for around 8 hours. To get rid of the buildup, clean the shower head using a brush or a pin.

• Take off the shower handle to check the washer or O-ring for wear. The rubber washers should ideally be all changed at once. For various types of faucets, a different washer kit is required.

• If the shower is still dripping, make sure the diverter valve is functioning properly. The diverter valve leak may be located based on the temperature of the seeping water. You can check the washers and O-rings by taking the tap's handle off. If the washers are damaged, replace them.

• Check to see if the shower head is still pouring by turning on the water supply. You should call a plumber if the shower is still dripping.

If your shower is dripping, try the aforementioned suggestions. In Australia, you are allowed to do your own plumbing, but there are strict regulations.

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Xavier came out to my Croydon home within an hour and did an amazing job at such an affordable price.


Cannot recommend Inspired Plumbing enough for his help on our Croydon rental property


Inspired Plumbing is my local Croydon plumber and I would never use anyone else! These guys are amazing at what they do.


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    Most Frequently Asked Questions

    You Have A Pipe That Is Leaking Or Has Burst
    If a pipe bursts, before calling an after hours plumber, make sure you immediately move anything of value in the water’s path to a higher floor, garage, or out into the garden. If it’s minor, locate the leak and wrap it with rags or duct tape. Place a bucket underneath. Then call us.
    Your Kitchen Sink Drain Is Backed Up
    You’ve probably already tried using a plunger or auger to pull out the clog. So, it’s time to call our after hours plumber service. While you wait for us, please resist the urge to use a corrosive drain opener, as they are toxic and can actually make the problem worse. Hang in there and we’ll be there soon!
    Your Water Heater Only Puts Out Cold Water
    This is a classic ‘call-a-plumber’ job – you don’t want to take this one on yourself. There are some DIY things you can do with your water heater as routine maintenance.

    However, getting too involved with this appliance can expose you to natural gas or electricity - either of which can be deadly. Not to mention the risk of an exploding hot water heater. It’s not worth it, simply call us and a licensed and experience plumber will be there before you know it!
    There’s No Water In Your Home
    A no-water situation probably could be caused by the municipal water line to your home (or your well, if you have one). Call us as we might already know of any water outages in your area. If we don’t know of one, we’ll call Sydney water whilst we’re on the way. You can rest easy knowing as soon as you’ve put the phone down, we’re sending an emergency plumber to help you.
    Your Toilet Is Blocked And Starting To Overflow
    Try to pull out the clog with a plunger. If this doesn’t work, though, call us. You probably need a professional to deal with this messy business. We’re familiar with the hidden places where toilet clogs build, and we’ve got the equipment to have it cleared in a jiffy.
    You Have A Leaky Water Heater
    If your water heater has a leaky valve, you could be wasting a lot of money on water heating when all that’s needed is a replacement valve. If corrosion has damaged the water heater wall, though, it might be time for a replacement. A leak can cause property damage, so, as soon as you notice it, call us, your emergency plumber, ASAP. We’ll fix the problem, whatever it takes!

    Free Quotes & $0 Call Out Fee*

    Plumbing catastrophes can happen when least expected. Same-day plumbing services are offered by Inspired Plumbing, and they have a 24-hour emergency helpline. Therefore, please contact us anytime you need to, and we'll take care of your plumbing issue right immediately.

    Our warehouse is equipped with a range of specialised tools, fixtures, and plumbing fittings, and our plumbers have easy access to numerous plumbing suppliers, live nearby, have completely functional automobiles, and all of these things. Therefore, if your toilet overflows on a Saturday night, our plumber Croydon might be able to respond to your call right away and have everything on hand for a quick plumbing fix.

    Our team will take full responsibility for your plumbing job and will ensure the place is spick and span once we are done. Each job is completed to 100% customer satisfaction. Get in touch with our team today to see how we can help you with your Croydon plumbing.

    How to book a plumber in Croydon

    1. To make a booking, click here or call the plumber at 02 9158 3565.
    2. A licenced plumber will agree with you on a time and date to inspect the plumbing work.
    3. The plumber will offer you a quote for the job up front.
    4. When the quote is approved, the plumber will begin work on the job.
    5. A warranty is provided to the customer to support the work.

    24/7 Emergency Plumber Croydon

    We know that plumbing emergencies can happen unexpectedly and out of blue. That’s why we provide a 24/7 emergency plumbing service in Croydon. We are fully licensed and insured plumbers and will detect and repair your problem promptly. Our service is convenient, reliable and always on time. We are Croydon’s trusted after hour’s plumber.

    If you’re after a 24/7 emergency plumber Croydon, give our friendly team a call on 02 9158 3565 now and we’ll have a licensed plumber out to you as soon as possible!

    Plumber Near Me

    If you’re on the hunt wondering ‘where can I find a plumber near me?’ – We’ve got you covered! We have plumbers near you that are ready to come out and assess your plumbing issue promptly. As we are local plumbers in the Inner West area, there is always an Inspired Plumbing vehicle full of equipment ready to take your job on!

    Our Croydon plumbers are available 24/7 and are ready to take on your plumbing job!

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    Mr Larry and James provided excellent, superb, professional service today. I'm really happy with this team and strongly recommend whoever needs a plumber. These guys are Sydney Number one!! Thanks a lot team, Thanks a lot Inspired Plumbing!!
    An efficient, friendly and effective service. Definitely recommended.
    Fast reliable service at a good price.
    Xavier is the best plumber I ever met. highly recommend.
    Claude from Inspired Plumbing was great. His service was fantastic, professional and timely. My dog never warmed to him, but my dog is an idiot. I would 100% recommend if you are in need of plumber.
    Claude and Larry did a great job replacing our tempering valve and troublesome pipework that was leaking under the house. We also had them service the gas hot water and install some tapware at short notice. I highly recommend Inspired Plumbing for their honest pricing and professional workmanship.
    Great service form the boys at Inspired! Andrew worked his magic unblocking and jetting our drain here and cleaned up all the mess too. Highly recommend!
    Response from the owner: Thank you for your 5-star review guys - your feedback and recommendation means a lot to us!
    Highly recommend Inspired Plumbing. Did the job efficiently, left the place clean and very friendly service! Thanks to Claude and his team!
    Response from the owner: Thank you for your 5-star review Dianne - your feedback means a lot to us!
    They arrived on time did a fantastic job really happy with the outcome would highly recommend inspired plumbing AAA+++
    Response from the owner: Thank you for your kind words and 5-star review Chris! We strive for customer satisfaction so your feedback and recommendation means a lot to us.
    Awesome service,Claude and work buddy very efficient,friendly,polite!!.Got the job done for great price highly recommended and will certainly be using again Inspired Plumming services thanks guys👍👍👍😁😁
    Response from the owner: Thanks so much for your 5-star review Michelle! We really appreciate your confidence in our services and your recommendation means a lot to us.
    Prompt and cleared the problem .. thank you
    Response from the owner: Thanks for your 5 star review, Andrew!
    Technically competent and reasonably priced!
    Response from the owner: Thank you for your 5-star review and positive feedback Jeraldine!
    Two stormwater downpipes were broken. Claude and team arrived on time, were very professional and fixed our pipes. It was a bit tricky as the pipes were very old but they did a great job and left the site clean. Would definitely use them again and recommend them
    Response from the owner: Hi Meera, Thank you for your kind words and 5-star review. We strive for customer satisfaction so your feedback means a lot to us!
    As a strata manager, Xavier and his team have gone beyond and a bit for all the work orders issued. Urgent matters are attended to without delay. The workmanship is second to none. I highly recommend.
    Response from the owner: Thanks so much for your 5-star review, Mazen! Your recommendation means a lot to us, and we remain committed to delivering top-notch service to you and all our clients.
    Xavier is a reliable, professional and knowledgable plumber/locator. We use him on a weekly basis - highly recommend!
    Response from the owner: Thanks for your review Morgan! We greatly appreciate your confidence in our services and your recommendation means a lot to us.
    Great service at an an affordable price, the job is done really well and timely.Will recommend to anyone looking for a professional plumbing service!
    Response from the owner: Thank you for your feedback Martin! We're delighted to hear that you found our service to be both excellent and affordable. Your recommendation is greatly appreciated.
    Clear and precise explanation of problems and classification of solutions to match our finances with amszing patience for our unusual needs.
    Response from the owner: Thanks so much for your 5-star review and positive feedback, Dannielle!
    Great service, very responsive and no mess at all. Was some significant work and no trace of mess when the staff left! Thanks so much!
    Response from the owner: Hi Judy, Thanks so much for your 5-star review and positive feedback! We are so happy to hear you had a great experience with our team.
    The boyz, came really quick to the printshop, which had a problem. Water going into factory floor.Thanks for a quick fix.Steve
    Response from the owner: Hi Steve, Thank you for your kind review - we are glad we could help out!
    Xavier and his Andrew did an amazing job on detecting where the water leak was coming from under the house and offered suggestions on how to repair the problem. We accepted a quote and the issue was repaired within a day.Very happy to recommend Inspired Plumbing for any plumbing jobs that require expert attention. These guys have been in the business for years.
    Response from the owner: Hi Maryann,Thank you for you 5 star review! We really appreciate your kind words and positive feedback
    Claude and James did a great job with our bathroom and laundry install/repairs. They were very professional and were efficient. I would recommend Inspired Plumbing for all of your plumbing needs.
    Response from the owner: Thanks for the stellar review Jason! We aim for professionalism and efficiency, so it's awesome to know we hit the mark for you. Anytime you need plumbing help, we're here. Appreciate the recommendation!
    Very impressed with the work ethics, punctuality and quality of Inspired Plumbing team. They fixed our shower leak issue, did the testing and suggested the best approach. Recommended 👍
    Response from the owner: Thanks a ton for the glowing review Ali! We're thrilled to hear that you were impressed with our team's service.
    I contacted Inspired Plumbing to help with an urgent blocked drain situation. Claude was so professional and hard working, he spent 6 hours working on the drains and checked in to provide updates frequently. He cleaned everything up to new and found the root cause of the problem and explained it in an easy to understand manner. I would recommend Inspired Plumbing as they are so professional and good at what they do!
    Response from the owner: Thank you for your wonderful 5 star review Elina, and for recommending Inspired Plumbing!
    I felt confident & relief from the first moment I spoke to the Office. As soon as I shared that the leak in our garden was causing us to turn off the water mains our job was prioritised. Xavier came off a site & arrived a couple of hours later.There was no call out fee & charges were discussed as well as the problem. I can’t comment on the quote because I had already tried other plumbers and for various reasons couldn’t get any timely response.I would highly recommend Inspired Plumbing.
    Response from the owner: Hi Susan,Thanks so much for your 5-star review! We really appreciate your kind words and feedback - our customers satisfaction is our number 1 priority so we are so happy to hear you had a great experience with our team.
    I would have know hesitation in highly recommending Inspired plumbing for anyone who needs a reliable professional plumber contractor .Mr Gerathy from dundas
    Response from the owner: Thank you so much for your wonderful review, Daniel and for recommending Inspired Plumbing!
    Xavier and team are fantastic. They quickly and efficiently fixed my toilet at a very competitive price. Very friendly business and they went above and beyond, and genuine honest people so id definitely be keeping them as my regular contact.Thank you!
    Response from the owner: Thank you so much for your incredible 5-star review Alan! We're thrilled to hear that you had such a positive experience with our team, thank you for your trust and support. We look forward to serving you again!
    Highly recommend Inspired Plumbing as they provide the best service with a timely manner whilst offering arguably the most competitive price! 5 out 5!
    Response from the owner: Thank you for your amazing 5-star review Jesse! Your recommendation means a lot to us. We look forward to serving you again in the future.
    Xavier installed a vanity unit and repaired a leak in the bathroom at our place. They kept us informed of the process and consulted with us throughout the job. We are very happy with their work and would highly recommend them.
    Response from the owner: Hi Taylor, thank you so much for taking the time to leave such a positive review - Keeping you informed and involving you in the decision-making process is a top priority for us, so it's great to know that you felt consulted throughout the job!
    Found the problem no other plumber did and fix it in a professional way
    Response from the owner: Thank you for taking the time to leave us such a wonderful review Charlotte! We are thrilled to hear that we were able to identify and resolve the issue for you in a professional manner. We take great pride in our work, and your satisfaction is our top priority.
    Did a fantastic job, came to my property within 30 minutes. Explained the job and had it done right away!
    Response from the owner: Thank you for your 5-star review! We always strive to provide prompt and professional services to our clients. We're delighted to hear that you were satisfied with our services and that we were able to meet your expectations in a timely and efficient manner!
    Timely, attentive and efficient service. Thank you for your help and I would certainly not hesitate to recommend Inspired Plumbing to others for plumbing works!
    Response from the owner: Thank you for your positive review and recommendation of Inspired Plumbing Rose! We are pleased to hear that you were satisfied with our service and appreciate your feedback. We strive to provide our clients with the best service possible, and your feedback reinforces that we are on the right track! Thank you for choosing us.
    Very friendly and professional service.
    Response from the owner: Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a 5-star review! We are thrilled to hear that you had a great experience with our team. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we are delighted that we were able to meet your expectations.Thank you again for choosing us!
    Inspired Plumbing helped to resolve a tricky hidden underground water leakage at my home during New Year period. Xavier was very attentive and accommodating to all my questions and requests. More importantly, Xavier came up with a thoughtful solution to quickly eliminate the leakage without much disturbance to my home existing structures. Thank you Xavier & Inspired Plumbing team!
    Response from the owner: Thank you for taking the time to write a review and for choosing Inspired Plumbing for your plumbing needs! We are glad to hear that Xavier was able to provide you with excellent service and that the solution was effective in resolving your water leakage issue.
    Outstanding service. Punctual and professional with an excellent price.
    Response from the owner: Thank you for your positive feedback! We strive to provide excellent service at a fair price, so it's great to hear that we met your expectations. Thank you for your support!
    We needed to get our tap moved in the front yard to allow space for a new fence to get put in. Xavier's team arrived on time and got straight into it. They did a good job.
    Response from the owner: Thank you for the positive review! We're glad to hear that our team was able to complete the job efficiently and to your satisfaction.
    Nice job and really efficient
    Response from the owner: Thank you for the positive review! We're glad to hear that our team was able to complete the job efficiently and to your satisfaction.
    Great Service! Did a wonderful job at my place
    Response from the owner: Thank you for your positive review! We're glad to hear that we provided you with great service. We appreciate your business and look forward to serving you again in the future.
    I used Inspired plumbing & I highly recommend them, they are very co-operative and highly professional. Well done guys !!
    Response from the owner: Thank you for your kind words and recommendation! We're thrilled to hear that you had a positive experience with us. Our goal is to provide excellent service and it's great to know that we were able to meet your expectations. Thank you for choosing Inspired Plumbing.
    These guys killed it! We had an emergency plumbing situation and they were able to save us (and our carpet)!Xavier was in the area when we booked so got here super quickly and was able to fix it before the problem got worse. Also, he was professional, efficient and chill.The whole process was easy - thanks guys!
    Response from the owner: Thank you so much for your positive review! We're glad we could help you with your emergency plumbing situation and that Xavier was able to provide quick and professional service. Thank you for choosing us!
    Xavier and his team saved me thousands of dollars today by doing a relining. Another plumbing company gave me a shocking quote to replace my cracked and misaligned storm water pipe. These guys did it for a quarter of that price, plus no digging /excavating. They certainly know what they are doing.
    Response from the owner: Thank you for your great review! We're so glad to hear that Xavier and the team were able to provide you with a cost-effective solution and that you were satisfied with the work they performed. Providing our customers with the best service and value is our top priority, and it's great to know that we were able to meet your needs. Thank you for choosing us.
    I hired another plumbing company who blotched a new toilet installation and was so over priced. I spoke to Volkan from Todays Gas Heater Service (whom I have used successfully) and they are also plumbers. He went above and beyond with helping me with this other shoddy plumbing company then very successfully re-installed my toilet to my satisfaction. These two companies and their employees are the very best I have ever had and will always use them when necessary. Thank you again Volkan.
    Response from the owner: Thank you for taking the time to share your positive experience. We are thrilled to hear that Volkan was able to assist you and provide a successful toilet re-installation. We appreciate your trust in us and look forward to serving you in the future.
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